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Products/Steel Wool

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Threads of curly steel wool specially made for crystallizing and polishing surfaces of natural stone, terrazzo, concrete, etc.

Its interlaced fibers ensure the necessary porosity for a perfect crystallization.

Available in grits 0, 1F, 1, 2F, 2 and 3



The crystallization pad is made of curly steel wool and it has been manufactured specifically for a perfect crystallization. The position of its vertical fibers ensures an optimal contact with the surface reducing the crystallization time by 25% compared with the traditional steel wool, saving labor costs. The crystallization pad is easy and safe because it is ready to use. Also as it is packaged in boxes of 10 units, occupies less volume than the traditional steel wool bags, saving transport cost.

Available in sizes 13”, 18” and 21” with different abrasive grits.

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